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Everyone wishing to take up riding needs to take Compulsory Basic Training.

CBT is a training course not a test, it comprises 5 Elements,


Element A Introduction, this includes a safety talk & eyesight check.

Element B Practical on site training, introduction to the bikes controls, stands & basic safety machine saftey checks.

Element C Practical on site riding, develop the motorcycle control skills to be safe & confident to ride on the road. This element covers all of the machine controls & includes slow control, controlled & emergency braking & simulated road junctions. This element takes place on one of CC Motorbike Training's dedicated training sites.

Element D Practical on road training preperation, gives all the information neccesary to ride safely & legally. This includes such topics as the effects of weather, defensive riding & legal requirments.

Element E Practical on road riding, a minimum of 2 hours on road covering a various road & traffic conditions. The instructor is in radio contact with the trainee during the whole of this element.


Once CBT has been completed you can ride unacompanied on the road on a bike of up to 125cc (50cc at 16 years old) on L plates. CBT is valid for 2 years, if you do not pass your full test within this time you must repeat CBT to keep riding.

CBT is also the first day of any of our test courses (unless already completed)

CC Motorbike Training offer CBT courses at Poole, New Milton & Salisbury.

Gaining a full motorcycle licence

There are 4 different categories of full motorcycle licence.Which category you decide to take depends on what size bike you are planning to ride once you have passed your test, it also depends on your age as certain age limits apply.

The categories are as follows,

AM Moped, this test can be taken at 16 or above. The test is taken on a bike of 50cc with a power output of 4 kw or less. You are then licenced to ride this size of bike without L plates & can carry a pillion passenger.

A1 Light Motorcycle, this test can be taken at 17 or above. The test is taken on a bike of between 120cc & 125cc not exceeding 11kw. You are then licenced to ride this size of bike without L plates & can carry a pillion passenger.

A2 Motorcycle​, this test can be taken at 19 or above. The test is taken on a bike of at least 395cc & between 20kw & 35kw. You are then licenced to ride a motorcycle of no more than 35kw.

A Motorcycle, this test can be taken at 24 or older. The test is taken on a bike of at least 595cc & at least 40kw. You are then licenced to ride any size of bike.


CC Motorbike Training can provide suitable bikes for all categories of test. Alternatively you can use your own bike. If you're not sure if your bike is suitable please call us or use the contact form.

Route to a full licence,

 Whichever category of test you take the process is the same. First you must have a valid CBT then follow the following steps.

Theory test. This is taken at your local theory test centre. It consists of 2 parts, a multiple choice exam & a hazard perception test. We are happy to arrange the test for you & provide an interactive CD to help you pass first time.

Module 1 practical test. This test takes place off road at the test centre & consists of several manouvers to test your machine control.

Module 2 practical test. This is the on road test. The examiner will folllow you on road for 35 to 40 minutes to assess your riding. It will also include a period of independent riding where you will be expected to ride a route following road signs.

Guide to booking

At CC Motorbike Training we always aim to taylor a course to suit the individual.

If you give us a call we can discuss your requirments & previous experience (if any) & make sure we put together the best course for you.