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    • £999.00

      Baotian Apollo 12 The Apollo 12 is the big brother to the Apollo 10, offering bigger wheels and raised seat height.  However, the scooter remains just as versitile, being perfect for first time learners and seasoned commuters alike.  This compact scooter is lightweight, easily manoevurable, very robust and exceptionally economical.

    • £899.00

      Baotian Apollo 10 The Baotian Apollo 10 is all new for 2013 and sets the benchmark for affordable scooters.  Thoroughly modern in design, this fully automatic "twist n go" scooter is perfect for first time learners, through to daily commuters. This compact scooter is robust, yet lightweight, easily manoevurable and best of all exceptionally economical.  

    • £1,299.00

      Baotian Monza 50 Beautiful elegant Italian styling in a contemporary and affordable scooter, that is the Baotian Monza. This absolutely stunning scooter is now available in a 50cc variant.  Ideal for leisure or short daily commutes, this 4 stroke 50 will be just as happy doing either.  

    • Baotian Monza 125 Looking for beautiful, elegant, Italian styling in a contemporary and affordable scooter?  Well you've found it.  The Baotian Monza 125 is all of the above and so much more.

    • £1,299.99

      Baotian Citibike2 125 The second evolution of this model, the Citibike2 has enhanced sleek urban lines to ensure this scooter is at home in any European city.  This "big wheeled", full-size commuter is packaged with learner-legal engine and fully automatic "twist-n-go" transmission.  This really is the machine to get you ahead of the traffic. Special...

    • £1,299.00

      Baotian Evolution 125 The Evolution is a streamlined twist n go 125. Indicators integrated to the sleek bodywork compliment halogen headlamps and set the tone of this versitile scooter.  Stylish enough to be cosidered sporty, practical enough to deliver the reliability and economy necessary for daily commuters.

    • £1,299.00

      Baotian Eagle 50 GT Eagle GT demands a second look.  The design and finish of this scooter is only trumped by outstanding value, putting many contemporaries to shame. Utilising the same sleek cut lines, sharp headlamps, profiled seat and angular mirrors of the Eagle 50, the GT variant adds a scorpion style exhaust, wavy front brake disc, red calliper...

    • £1,049.00

      The Eagle 50 is a real head turner. Stunning cut lines, sharp headlamp, profiled seat, angular mirrors...the list could go on, yet achieved with minimal weight.The result is a thoroughly contemporary scooter with agile handling and great economy. Baotian Eagle:- WAS:£1199 NOW ONLY:£1049

    • £1,299.00

      The Falcon 50R simply demands to be ridden.The power of the 2 stroke motor is only matched by the stopping power of its disc brakes front and rear.      Baotian Falcon 50R:- WAS:£1399 NOW ONLY:£1199

    Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items