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    • £2,699.00 £3,099.00

      Restyled version of the GV125 giving it more of a classic custom look.The main feature is the extended front and rear mudguards and the elevated rear number plate.Colours now include the metallic red, metallic silver and orange all complete with a black center stripe.

      £2,699.00 £3,099.00
      Reduced price!
    • £2,999.00 £3,399.00

      The Hyosung Aquila GV250 has proven to be an exceptional all round cruiser that is coveted by riders of all ages and experience.With its uprated DOHC 8 valve, 249cc fuel injected, V-Twin engine, low seat height and excellent suspension package the GV250 makes for an exceptional ride.

      £2,999.00 £3,399.00
      Reduced price!
    • £4,999.00

      Not content with having the fastest, lightest, sportiest and most stylish cruiser around. Hyosung decided to up the ante and improve performance again, with a fuel injected version of their tried and tested 650cc engine having a full 10hp more than the carburettor version.

    • £5,799.00

      Brand new from Hyosung, the GV700C. It has traditional cruiser styling-deep fenders, teardrop fuel tank and wide handlebars but with a powerful DOCH 8 valve V-twin engine giving impressive low and mid-range performance

    • £3,199.00

      The GT125R is a full sized race tuned machine with looks to match.

    • £3,099.00 £3,799.00

      The Hyosung GT 250R EFI uses its new fuel injected engine to improve its already impressive power & torque performance. Still within the 33bhp for those on restricted licences this bike is perfect for the inexperienced rider, regular commuter or as a second bike for those who need a rest from being scared silly on 1000cc machines.

      £3,099.00 £3,799.00
      Reduced price!
    • £4,299.00 £5,199.00

      The Hyosung GT 650R is possibly the world's most flexible sport bike. It is powerful, stylish and affordable. Hyosung's DOHC 8 valve 650cc V-Twin engines were already gaining respect in the motorcycling world, but now with the addition of fuel injection it pushes out a healthy 82bhp.

      £4,299.00 £5,199.00
      Reduced price!
    • £2,499.00 £2,999.00

      The GT125 is the only full size V-twin learner legal commuter bike on the market and with its two year unlimited mileage warranty it is the compelling choice.

      £2,499.00 £2,999.00
      Reduced price!
    • £3,399.00

      The GT250 EFI is rapidly becoming the must have commuter motorcycle.With its competitive price, uprated 250cc fuel injected engine and new ergonomically designed digital speedometer means that the GT250 has the performance, economy and comfort for both long distance rides and city commuting.

    • £4,099.00 £4,699.00

      The best value middleweight commuter on the market now comes with a host of improvements.With a new fuel injected version of the 650cc V-Twin engine pushing out 82hp, the new GT650 EFI Naked also comes with a redesigned LCD dashboard and cowling. This gives its already attractive lines a fresh new look.

      £4,099.00 £4,699.00
      Reduced price!
    • £2,199.00 £2,699.00

      The smaller capacity GV Cruiser variants are unique in providing a full size Cruiser with powerful V-twin 8 valve DOHC motors that deliver a smooth and confident ride - normally only found in larger displacement machines. Enjoy style, quality and performance the Hyosung way.

      £2,199.00 £2,699.00
      Reduced price!
    • £2,669.00

      The GD250N is equipped with an all new high output four stroke single-cylinder engine with fuel injection, a six speed transmission which results in excellent low fuel consumption.

    Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items